Combining the agility and sector knowledge of a boutique firm, with the capital resource to invest meaningfully in real estate assets, Capreon has become known for its enterprising and insightful approach, where the team is truly aligned to the financial success of its investors.

The value of real estate is intrinsically linked to the evolving relationship between society and its environment. Changes in the way we live and work mean a rapidly growing need for different types of assets. We seek to identify those fundamental economic and social changes and invest in the specialist real estate that enables them.

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It’s not just the type of assets that are evolving. In today’s constantly fluctuating economic landscape, the routes to maximising value are changing too, driven by technology. The insight that we gain from our experience in new forms of real estate investment is at the heart of our investment decision-making.

When we invest in an asset, we seek to invest meaningfully and responsibly


When we invest in an asset, we seek to invest meaningfully and responsibly. We back our judgement with seed capital long before institutional investors would and asset manage tirelessly to realise full value and crystalise a longer-term vision.

We seek investment opportunities within the major markets of the EMEA region and benefit from a growing reputation in the entrepreneurial communities as an investor whose knowledge and expertise is as valuable as our capital. Our investment team is fully integrated with our sister company Goldacre, providing us with early insight into the real estate requirements and latest technologies of a new generation of digital businesses. While our focus is on medium and long-term thematic trends, our private equity style of investment gives us the agility to act on emerging opportunities created by short-term market movements.

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Project case studies